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Ralph David Abernathy IV Transferring To Tennessee In January

For weeks the rumors have swirled about the status of Ralph David Abernathy IV. RDA4 was a prominent Bearcat since his freshman year but saw his role marginalized this season. He left the team sometime in October and was rumored to transfer to Tennessee ever since his brother committed to the Vols.

Andy Lyons

While there have been some fans who have already jumped to tampering on the part of Butch Jones, mostly because a lot of people dislike Butch Jones I don't really see it. RDA4 has been injured for most of the year and was heading for a medical red shirt this season. Tubs stated that he planned to do just that.

So consider the circumstances as RDA4 likely saw them. He has seen himself completely marginalized on both offense and special teams. He was moved to wide receiver, but he was never going to unseat Shaq Washington as the primary slot receiver. He was also passed over at running back in favor of Hosey Williams and Tion Green, but even when they got injured the staff turned to Rod Moore and Mike Boone, both of which have been revelatory when they have gotten the chances. It is obvious that RDA4 is not a part of the Bearcats plans and you can't fault him for wanting to go back to a staff that he likes, a staff that went out of their way to make him a factor in the offense and the school where his brother played. Fare thee well RDA4, we had a good run.