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Bearcats Dominate UConn In 41-0 Shutout of Huskies

It took a while, but this team is finally rounding into shape and looking like the group we all expected to see.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Where do you start with this, the defense, the much maligned much criticized defense. UConn ran a grand total of 54 yards and gained 129 yards and turned the ball over 3 times. The Huskies averaged 2.3 yards per play which is just incredible for this group considering how bad they were early in the year. UConn is bad on offense, really bad in fact, but that was still incredible. In the last seven years there is exactly one game where there defense allowed fewer yards per play, the 2013 Miami game, and precisely zero games where the Bearcats allowed fewer yards. UConn is bad offensively, but up until about Mid October the Bearcats were the UConn of defenses. This defense has completed a remarkable transformation. That's why, on a night when the offense scored 41 points without being, you know, good at football the Bearcats won in a laugher. Two more games stand between the Bearcats and another piece of gold for the trophy case.