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Gamethread 11: Cincinnati Bearcats at Temple

The Bearcats have it all to play for right now

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the truth of the matter, the Bearcats have it all to play for. They have to beat Temple to keep pace in the AAC race with UCF which beat USF yesterday and with Memphis likely to beat UConn tonight when they kickoff in Memphis. The Bearcats are rolling right now, and they are playing a Temple team that is reeling on the offensive end of the field.

Temple poses real problems for the Bearcats offense because they are not likely to give up the big chunk plays that the Bearcats thrive on. With yesterday's chaos in the group of five ranks the Bearcats are potentially in play for a shot at the group of five's access bowl slot, but they need a lot to happen for that scenario to play out. All UC really has control over is their ability to beat the teams on their schedule. Thats it, so make it happen Bearcats.