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Mick Cronin Moves To Advisory Role For Remainder Of Season

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The Bearcats head man will not be able to coach the Bearcats in practices or games for the rest of the season.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We obviously have no idea how much of an impact this will have on how the Bearcats season plays out. VCU game aside I have liked what I have seen from the Bearcats in Larry Davis's games at the head of the program. Davis does have head coaching experience, so it's not like the Bearcats are throwing a fresh lamb to the slaughter. But this obviously will have an effect on the Bearcats players. Remember that this is still a young team, one that was expected to be guided and shepherded by Mick. These guy's are going to have to grow up at a faster pace now, without Mick being with the program. That seems like a tough ask, but this team has shown incredible growth over the last two weeks. Get better soon Mick.