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Gamethread: ECU vs. Cincinnati

The Pirates bring their sub-.500 record into Fifth Third Arena in hopes of knocking the Bearcats off their train of recent success.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If you're at the game, then you're probably not reading this (unless it's to sift through the comments section after the game's over). In that case, enjoy our kneejerk reactions.

If you're watching the game on ESPNU from the comfort of your couch, then I'll hope you'll join in the discussion below.

The Bearcats have never lost to the ECU Pirates (7-0 all time), and I'm curious to see how they respond after a couple of emotional victories. They've played remarkably well given the fact their head coach has been sidelined the last few games, but I'm afraid they'll hit an emotional wall at some point during conference play. Let's hope it's not this game.

I don't think it'll be this game.

ECU comes in with a less than impressive resume having lost more games than they've won - including dropping their first two AAC games this past week.

Who shows up for the Bearcats tonight?