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Military Bowl Gamethread

Its the Bearcats and the Hokies.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that these games are as much about the season to come as they are about the season that is ending.That is why coaches love the bowl system even more than the network executives who are thrilled to find something, anything that can fill the endless hours of programming that they have to somehow fill. These games give the coaches as chance to develop their young guys, and that is a chance that they just don't get in the week in week out grind of the regular season.

The Bearcats are one of those teams that will be set up to make some noise in 2015, if they can make a statement against a Virginia Tech team that is in possession of a great reputation, even if it is slipping a bit. A statement win would go a long way to setting the Bearcats up for a big 2015. This team will have the chance to do just that because this is a beatable Tech squad.

Its time to gamethread.

Go Bearcats