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East Carolina vs Central Florida; Who Should Bearcats Back

When the football schedule finally dropped after months of Bearcat induced delays this was the game that AAC brass wanted everyone to circle. A potential defacto championship game on a national stage during championship week. That is not how it turned out.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Instead we have the home standing ECU Pirates who really have nothing to play for. Their two conference losses bars them from having a chance to share the championship. They long since clinched their place in a bowl game, the only question is where and against whom. Because of the unique way that the AAC structures their bowl tie ins winning or losing won't move them up or down in the pecking order. There is no pecking order, instead the AAC offers up its bowl eligible teams without comment, like a humble farmer visiting the Khaleesi, no eye contact is allowed, just present what you have to offer and leave. Because of that there is nothing for the Pirates to play for, nothing for them to win.

That is not the case for the Knights who have to be kicking themselves for losing to UConn right about now. They could be playing for the outright title right now (without playing UC or Memphis because the AAC just makes the best schedules). Instead they are playing for a share of the crown, a crown that could be split three ways if things go right for the Bearcats and Knights.

It is for that reason that I am pulling for the Pirates in this one, well that and the fact that I would like see Shane Carden and especially Justin Hardy go out on a good note. A win for ECU means that the Bearcats would get a share of the AAC title for the first time in the new(ish) conference. As much as I dislike sharing titles, its slightly less stupid when just two teams are sharing. When you get three sharing it gets a bit ridiculous.

So, who do you have?