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Bennie Coney Transferring From Cincinnati; Door For Gunner Kiel Wide Open

One half of the presumed quarterback duel has departed from Cincinnati giving Gunner Kiel a huge opportunity to lock up the starting job before the end of spring football.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Gunner Kiel was to many minds the favorite to claim the starting QB job for the Bearcats this season. The departure of Coney will only solidify those assumptions. The only scholarship quarterbacks who will be around this spring are Kiel and early enrollees Hayden Moore fresh out of high school and Jarred Evans, a JUCO transfer.

Obviously Kiel has been in the program longer, but its not exactly like he was running the Bearcats offense this season on the scout team. Including the Belk Bowl practices Kiel has perhaps 40 practices running Gran and Hinshaws system. That is obviously more than his competition, and gives him a clear leg up.

For what it's worth Bennie Coney has handled this about as well as you could ask a 20 year old two. In a word he has been gracious as can be.

Best of luck Bennie.