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#11 Cincinnati Falls At UConn

And that about does it for the Bearcats AAC championship hopes.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

There are two games to play, Louisville now has a half game lead on the Bearcats and will win the inaugural AAC basketball title unless they lose two times in their next three games. That is possible, sure, but it is extremely unlikely from where I am sitting. Its hard to make an argument against the Cardinals playing the best basketball in the conference at the moment.

As for the Bearcats the UConn game exposed some flaws, flaws that only really show up when the Bearcats play teams that are either bigger (as SMU was) or longer and more athletic than the Bearcats are (as Louisville and UConn are). Those kind teams can swallow the Bearcats offense whole.

The Bearcats defense will always keep them in games, even games they have no business being in. The plan for most of the year has been to keep things tight and then in the last five minutes let SK put his head down and take it to the rim to get fouled. Its a good plan, it has worked a lot, it just didn't work at all today.