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Memphis Tigers Upset Louisville, Giving Cincinnati Life In AAC Title Chase

Remember that post that was here an hour ago? You know, the one about how the Bearcats had no shot to win the AAC this year after falling to UConn just a couple of hours ago? You can forget about that post.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Tigers just knocked off #7 Louisville at home 72-66 giving the Bearcats and Cardinals identical 24-5 (13-3) records heading into the final week of the season. The Cardinals and Bearcats are tied atop the conference standings at the moment, 1.5 games ahead of third place SMU.

If UC and Louisville both win out, and the remainder of the standings stay static the conference title, and the #1 seed in the inaugural AAC conference tournament, will go to the Cardinals. The AAC tie breakers being what they are (a bloody mess) the title would be decided based on the Cards 2-0 record against SMU. If the Cardinals lose in Dallas the Bearcats will need to win out to clinch the title for sure, though they could still win it with that Louisville loss and the right breaks in the standings thanks to the AAC's hilariously convoluted tie breakers.

Strap in folks, this is going to be a fun last week.