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5) Cincinnati Bearcats vs. 12) Harvard Crimson

Its here, lets roll

The these Bearcats are back in a familiar spot, in a place where no one believes in them, and where doubters are running amok. For most of the guys on this team that is a very familiar spot. For the leaders of this team that is a place where they have set up residence and lived for a long time.

The doubt is nothing new to them, nor then is this stage. Sean Kilpatrick has played in the dance for his entire career, so has Justin Jackson. They live in this place, and so they will perform in this space. This is not a perfect team, nor will anyone confuse them for one, but this is a team that will battle to the end.

I want these Bearcats to win more so than I have with any other group. That is nothing against the teams that have been here before, but this team is special and this year has been as well. I just don't want it to end. Ever.