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Nippert Stadium June Construction Update

One of the three cores that will support the new structure is starting to take shape. Steel will start to go up at some point in July.

At this point in the project big news is very rare, particularly on the west side of the stadium. The biggest difference from the last time that there was an update is that the work has moved above ground. It is still a ways off until the steel starts after the fourth of July holiday.

There is still no word on what the finalized plans are for the east side of the stadium. It is getting late in the game for this plans to still be in the design phase. When the project was started the plan was that the east side would have its design finalized and under construction at about the same time that steel went up. That is obviously not happening at the moment.

The east side of the project is much simpler than the west. The biggest part of the project, building the connecting walkway between Bearcat O' Varsity Way and Herschede-Shank Pavilion and the new concessions. Thats big project, but not as time consuming as the west side. Regardless I'd like to see a bit of the design.