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Bearcats Freshman Profile: Tyrell Gilbert

Princeton High School has not been a stronghold for the Bearcats in recent years. In fact they have only signed just one former Viking since 2002, Mike Daniels in the 2003 class. Which makes it roughly a decade between Vikings for the Bearcats, but they got a good one in Tyrell Gilbert.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Essentials

  • High School: Princeton
  • Position: Safety
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Weight: 200
  • Composite Rank*: 79 (**)

* As determined by 24/7 sports composite algorithm which combines and weights the rankings of 24/7, Rivals, Scout and ESPN to come up with one number.

Gilbert is simply the latest example of the Princeton approach to the spread. For a long time what the Vikings do is simply put their best athlete at quarterback and run sort of a permanent wildcat. That is what they did when Spencer Ware was there, and its what they will do this year too whoever the quarterback winds up being. It's the Princeton way. There was a noticeable development in sophistication in the offense from Gilbert's Junior season to last. But just like Ware that is beside the point, because Gilbert will be playing somewhere else in college.

He will start out at safety for the Bearcats, which is not a bad place for him to begin. He is probably the best athlete in the class, at the very least he is in that discussion. He certainly has the size and athleticism for the position, but it's also a position that he hasn't played before. For that reason, and the state of the depth chart with so many young guys already at the spot a redshirt will probably be in order. It's that crowded depth chart that could see him shifted elsewhere. He is capable of playing receiver or running back at this level, but he will start out at safety.