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Cincinnati Bearcats and Memphis Tigers Gamethread

The Cincinnati Bearcats will look to get back to their winning ways after dropping a game to UConn on Saturday.

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

To do that the Bearcats will have to get a better performance from their squad on the road. The Bearcats are just 1-2 on the road this season, not counting the neutral court games in Destin, Florida. All of those road games have been characterized by brutal offensive output's, admittedly against some pretty good defenses, Nebraska and UConn in particular.

If the Bearcats are going to develop anything resembling road chops they won't get a better opportunity than tonight. Memphis is not the worst team in the conference, but they are a team and a program mired in chaos. The players, both former and current, seem to have given up on Josh Pastner and are ready for a change. Memphis is reeling in every sense of the phrase.

UC will have easier road games to come this season, they still get to go to RPI killers ECU and Houston. But Memphis is still, for a little while longer at least, a name. Time for the Bearcats to show some killer instinct on the road. If they can't smell blood in the water with this Memphis team it's a problem.