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Bearcats Top 10: #9 Munchie Legaux

I never in a million years thought that I would ever include Munchie Legaux in this kind of year end list again, but here he is.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

This is a very uncomfortable thought for some Bearcats, but the facts are the facts. The Cincinnati Bearcats would not have won nine games this year without Munchie Legaux deciding to come back for his 6th and final year of eligibility. He was one of the great feel good stories of the season for a Bearcats team that was once again struck by tragedy.

This was by far Munchie's best season as a passer; he completed 66 percent of his passes, averaged 7.2 yards per completion and had a minuscule interception rate of 1.2 percent. It's a little cruel that what forced Munchie to become an effective pocket bound quarterback was his injury. Robbed of the athleticism and the run first instinct that made him such a unique player, Munchie became an effective down field passer from the pocket this year. This was a truly great end to the career of one of the most unforgettable Bearcats. I, for one, will never forget seeing Munchie come home and beat Tulane.