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Florida Recruiting Pipeline Continues with Hard-hitting Safety Romelo Webster

When Romelo Webster committed to Cincinnati on May 14, he joined fellow Floridian Dontye Carrier-Williams in the 2016 defensive back recruiting class. With his tackling ability and ball-hawking skills, he has the look of a player that will be a steal for Bearcats.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Webster, while garnering offers from national programs such as Pittsburgh and Oregon State, has remained an underrated prospect by many top recruiting sites. Sites such as have him ranked as a 2-Star defensive back, as he has the ability to play either corner or safety in college. When comparing his senior and junior film it is obvious his play has made a tremendous jump and his rankings will soon follow suit.

Strengths: Webster, much like Dontye Carriere-Williams, is a very physical defensive back. He often darts between bigger linemen and receivers and punishes the ball carrier with force. However, what immediately jumps out on the tape is his ability to make plays when the ball is in the air. With his quickness he is able to jump routes and make impact plays, and his technique is good enough to have him cover bigger receivers down the field.

Weaknesses: Webster is a legit 5'11 and almost 6'0, however he only weighs 168 pounds. While his quickness and top tier tackling technique make up for this in high school, it would be quickly exposed by bigger and stronger athletes on the perimeter.

Projection: Webster is a prime candidate for a redshirt year when he arrives on campus. With a year within a college weight room, he will be able to add at least 10 pounds. In his third season, as a redshirt sophomore, with his weight up to 190 pounds, he will look to be a huge contributor to the defensive backfield.

Outlook: Webster will be the hidden gem within this recruiting class for the bearcats. He can play corner and safety and plays the run and the pass equally as well. Look for impact plays to be his calling card once he begins his career.