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DeLonte Murray Is Officially A Bearcat

It is not often that an offensive lineman is named the most valuable player on a football team, but that is exactly what happened for Cincinnati Bearcats signee DeLonte Murray. I think Tommy Tuberville has found someone to help solve the Bearcats problems at the line of scrimmage.


  • 6'5" 311
  • Offensive Line
  • Lackawanna Community College; Scranton, Pennsylvania


Quick Take

I am not going to be shy about this, I like everything about about LeDonete Murray, from his twitter handle to the fact that he has no problems wearing a number 1 jersey for a picture even though it looks like a modern art painting of a single black line on a canvas of white.

Then you watch the tape and It's hard to imagine him not being a part of the Bearcats line rotation next year. UC's running game didn't really take off until they stopped with the power/gap scheme of early in the season and utalized much more zone. That will continue this year, and that will suit Murray just fine. His JUCO team ran mostly zone with a dash of power. Frankly I have no idea how Murray is only evaluated as a two star because he has it all, the hands the feet, the power and size and his technique is pretty good.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation LeDonte