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Taylor Boose Is Officially A Bearcat

The Bearcats second back in the class of 2015 is a perfect compliment to the other.


  • 6'0" 200
  • Running Back
  • Centerville High School; Centerville, Virginia


Quick Take

Taylor Boose is a guy who will likely get typecast as the thunder to his class mate's Joshuwa Holloman's lighting. That is slightly unfair because Boose is very nearly a complete running back in his own right.  He has the ability to run with power sure, but he has very quick feet and outstanding vision that allows him to find and exploit holes when the original scheme goes wrong. He might now be a track star the way that Holloman is, but he isn't exactly lacking for top end speed, it merely takes him a fraction of a second longer to reach it.

The outlook for Boose is the same, he is heading for a red shirt like Holloman unless he can make an impact as a kick returner. With the ascendant Mike Boone returning and being joined by Hosey Williams and Tion Green there aren't many carries on offer for the freshman running backs.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Taylor