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Tyler McGarr Is Officially A Bearcat

One of the big themes for the Cincinnati Bearcats in the class of 2015, and last years for that matter, is the need to improve along the line of scrimmage, Tyler McGarr is part of that effort. The Harris County (GA) High School product is a player that has the coaches raving behind the scenes.


  • 6'4" 275
  • Offensive Line
  • Harris County High School; Hamilton, Georgia


Quick Take

The Cincinnati Bearcats need for help along the offensive (and defensive) lines isn't exactly a secret at this point. In this class of 2015 they have added one JUCO tackle/guard in Idarius Ray, another JUCO guard in DeLonte Murray, a third guard in Evan Mallory and Tyler McGarr who will be playing center for the Bearcats. That's right, the time is now to start thinking about who will eventually replace Deyshawn Bond at center. McGarr is the first true center to sign with the Bearcats since Bond, and he will presumably be given a a couple of years to learn the nuances of the position as Bond's understudy.

When you look at the tape you can easily discern what has Darren Hiller so excited about McGarr, he is really advanced technically. All the hallmarks of good offensive line blocking, run blocking in particular are there to see. The quick feet off the ball, the flat back, the hand placement, the chop steps on contact. He even has the basic inside zone footwork down pat.

Really the big question when It comes to McGarr is how quickly will he be able to cope with, and get up to speed on the intellectual demands of playing center. Remember, the only position that is more complicated than center is quarterback. The center is responsible for making all line calls and adjustments. In this offense he has to be able to read defenses and anticipate their tendencies just as much as the quarterback does. The good news is that if being able to craft witty and incisive tweets is a sign of intelligence (and I totally think it is) McGarr is already a winner. Check out this gem about the SEC Championship Game from the Georgia native.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Tyler.