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Reed Armagost Is Officially A Bearcat

In a class that is filled with interior lineman the Bearcats did procure an offensive tackle from the sunshine state. Reed Armagost of Gainesville, Florida is the only high school offensive tackle in this class for the Bearcats.


  • 6'6" 250
  • Offensive Line
  • Gainseville High School; Gainseville, Florida


Quick Take

Reed Armagost is a bit of a project at offensive line for a lot of the same reasons that classmate Braxton Neal is a project at receiver, both of these guys have a lot of weight that they have to add before they can even be considered for anything other than emergency work.

There is quite a bit of precedent for the Bearcats taking under recruited, under weight offensive linemen; locking them in the weight room for a couple of years before they emerge years later as fully formed offensive linemen. The best example is Eric Lefeld who emerged from that larval stage and became a contributor almost immediately.

The question with Armagost is can he put on the weight? He has the frame, sure, but so did Sam Griffin. Griffin was about Armagost's size when he was recruited from New Jersey for the class of 2007. Sam became a very productive player for the Bearcats best teams, but he could never really put on the weight. There is some promise there with Armagost because when he committed to the Bearcats his reported weight was 230 pounds. He would play his senior year at 250 pounds. That's promising, lets hope that his growth continues.