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AAC Tournament Gamethread: Huskies vs. Bearcats

The Cincinnati Bearcats will don their home white jerseys even though they're playing UConn in Hartford, CT. Yes, those new Adidas "March Ready" uniforms. Look out.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Madness is here, ya'll. It's been an exciting week/month for DTD as we've welcomed a few new writers just in time for the Bearcats to begin tournament play. Will this mean the game threads get kicked up a knotch?

It's hard to imagine anyone adding a more clever or thoughtful comment than Matt, but we welcome you to try...

Dan Hoard tweeted an interesting stat today that, if you've followed the last few UConn/UC games, you're not surprised by. Interesting, nonetheless:

You read the Layup Line today, right? If so, you've gathered two things:

  1. I think UConn freshman - and AAC rookie of the year - Daniel Hamilton is the key to UConn moving on in the tournament.
  2. I have a compulsion with superstition.

Just be thankful we didn't air all of our superstitions.