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Looking For Contributors

2014 was a very good year for the Down The Drive staff. In all of our personal lives we experienced tremendous changes for the better. In the online world the site grew to have its largest year ever in terms of pageviews. To keep both trends moving in a positive direction we are seeking some online savy contributors to the site.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

we are looking for help in a couple of different areas

-- Basketball / Football / General news hits (2 or 3)

-- Football feature writer

-- Basketball feature writer

-- Olympic sports coverage (baseball, track, etc)

-- Recruiting coverage (basketball and football)

-- Social media contributors

-- A graphic designer

-- Cincinnati High School Sports coverage

All of these positions include a sizable time commitment, we aren't talking about 20 or 30 hours per week. But plan on spending around two to five hours per week working on things related to the site. The idea that we are shooting for is to have someone who is able to post on a subject the moment it becomes news worthy from 8 in the morning until midnight. On some days, most days in fact, nothing happens that is worthy of comment. On others it seems like everything is happening, and that we don't have enough hands to do justice to news as it breaks. This open call is an attempt to find solutions to that issue.

More detailed explanations and descriptions of what the duties and expectations are for each of the above positions are available. If you, or anyone you know has an interest in becoming a contributor and fulfilling any of the above positions feel free to contact me at downthedrive at If you are emailing about a position please put that position in the subject line to make sorting easier on our end.  You can also get a hold of me on twitter here, or on our facebook page here. Justin's twitter handle is here. I look forward to talking with anyone who has an interest in these positions soon.

As always, go bearcats