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UK Cheerleader Grabs Octavius Ellis

I have something to admit....

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

When I was a young kid, I was a Kentucky fan. I thought the wildcat symbol was cool, and that was good enough to select them as my favorite team (remember - I was a young kid, like 6 or 7).

Then I started growing up and found a growing dislike for the program I had chose to like based on such a meaningless decision factor. First off, it just isn't fun to root for a team that it is disappointing to make the Final Four. You become numb to wins and a single loss ruins your month. The players were not likable (I won't name names), the coaching staff didn't follow the rules (again, no names), and the fans were... well if you don't know about Kentucky fans, which I assume you do, just imagine a tOSU football fan and that should explain it.

Then there is shit like this...

I had already mentioned the incident, but our friends over at CincyOnTheProwl put it in video format and it got me all worked up again (thanks Chris). I hope that cheerleader is sent home and is at least suspended, but I know he won't be. He is probably bragging about it to his friends as I write this. As a blogger, I thought the least I could do is raise a little awareness.

Things like this, make me proud to be an ex-Kentucky fan.

-Daniele "Da" Bologna