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An Away Game at Murray State?

The Cincinnati Bearcats are always on the lookout for quality non conference games to beef up their non conference slate. But Mick Cronin is a guy who is willing to think way outside the box of what is normal for a power conference (and yes, in basketball terms the AAC is still, just, a power conference.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Mick Cronin is starting to look like a mastermind of the non-conference schedule. After scheduling Butler for a 2016-17 home and home series, Mick is doing his best to add another recently consistent team to the Bearcats schedule.

Plus, if ESPN showed the game on national television, think about how big that would be for both teams on the recruiting side of things. Mick seems to have a gameplan or his non-conference schedule and I can't say that I disagree with him. Murray State is a solid program with a fairly successful recent history. Besides the fact that Mick used to coach at Murray State, the school has finished in the top 2 of its conference since 2003 (when Mick first coached for the Racers).

What do you think Bearcat Nation? Is this a good possible addition to the non-conference slate? Or is this not what the Bearcats should be looking for?