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Elite Eight Saturday Open Thread

When eight become 4

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Can the Kentucky juggernaut keep rolling against Notre Dame? That is not the only question that is being asked about tonight's games, but it is the question. Notre Dame has a good team, and they have had a fine season, but they don't match up well with the Wildcats at all. The team that beats Kentucky has to have great guards and great big men. The Irish have the guards, but they don't have the bigs. They have a chance because they always have the ability to go ridiculous from behind the line, and that is the great equalizer, but they would have to be lights out for 40 minutes against that defense. Possible, but unlikely.

Of course that is not the only game tonight. Arizona and Wisconsin will have a rematch of last years classic at this stage. That game in and of itself is a phenomenal match up between two of the best teams all season long, but as they have so often this year Kentucky is overshadowing it all.

Games start at 6:09 on CBS.