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Mick Cronin Cleared to Resume Coaching Duties

Since December 22, 2014, the UC basketball team has been without their head coach. Today, that changes.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Good news for basically anyone that is a UC fan.

Mick was all smiles during his press conference, and I can't see why he wouldn't be happy. His team got out of their second first round rut, and everyone on the team is returning minus Jermaine Sanders. Mick joked during the press conference and looked great. He even told Bob Huggins that he (Mick) was in better shape than Hugs. Mick also reaffirmed his commitment to UC basketball.

He also left us with this great quote. There is no doubt that the fiery coach we all know and love will return.

The one possible downside to the press conference was Mick's announcement that Larry Davis had already been contacted by other schools, and that he had already been on a visit. That is not unexpected but it would/will be sad to watch him go. Larry did such a great job and a coaching tandem of Mick/Larry would be very entertaining.