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From the Video Vault: Penn State 81, Cincinnati 0

Never, for one second, feel badly about UC running the score up this year.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Never for one second feel badly about UC running the score up this year.

No one showed Cincinnati any mercy when our program was in the dumpster.

On September 7th, 1991, Penn State beat the Bearcats 81-0. Joe Paterno put starting quarterback Tony Sacca back in the game to begin the second half and he had him throwing the ball down the field.

We will have plenty of opportunities to act similarly against our AAC opposition this season.

I say that Tommy should, in the words of the late, great Jerry Reed, "put that hammer down and give it hell."

As evidenced by today's selection from the video vault, it has been done to us and it was done mercilessly. Done by a school that was long considered an exemplar of class and dignity in college football.

2015 is no time for magnanimity by the Bearcats. I hope we run the score up every chance we get.