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From the Video Vault (Basketball): SMU

Orange is the new jump.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

From the video vault, here is Eric Dickerson scoring a touchdown for the Indiana Colts of Tecmo Bowl fame. He went to SMU and he was a good running back till you got to the redzone. Elvis was apparently at this game.

Pro Tip: This is how you knock out Mike Tyson.

Pro Tip #2: Here is how you knock out the actual Mike Tyson.

Legitimate Business.

Here is my favorite Springsteen song:

Bruce should have covered "Wolverton Mountain" and renamed himself "Winnebago Man."

My brother saw the University of Kentucky marching band and they were ok. But they didn't care about the marching or the band as much as the UC Bearcat Marching Band. OK? The Kentucky band, by comparison, sounds like any old Hamilton County Jr High band. The UC Bearcat Band is the best band in the United States of America. On their best day, the UK band would get owned by the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles Band, as directed by Jerry Van Dyke.

Here is Stephen A. Smith saying something about SMU basketball. I didn't actually watch it. More importantly, the Gas is like 1.91 at the QuikFill in the city of State Line, PA.