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Cincinnati Football: Forbes' Best College Football Team for the Money

Cincinnati ranks as the best college football program... at least in terms of money spent per win.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

For the third year in a row, Cincinnati has been named the best college football team for the money by Forbes. Despite a disappointing 7-6 2015 campaign, the Bearcats earned the distinction from Forbes by spending the least per win among college football's top teams.

Spending $1.79 million per win, Cincinnati tops the list, with a three-year record of 25-11. The Bearcats rank ahead of BYU, Oregon, Mississippi State and Stanford, which round out the top five. Kansas State, Clemson, Utah, Temple and Michigan State finish out the top 10. BYU has been 25-12 over the past three seasons and finishes only $28,000 per win behind Cincinnati.

Cincinnati didn't meet early-season expectations in 2015, but there has been an impressive level of consistency from the Cincinnati program and not needing to shell-out like other programs certainly isn't a problem. Now, what happens if Cincinnati spent even more or had the opportunity to spend more?

President Santa J. Ono shared the gallery from the piece, if you'd like to check it out there.