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Former Cincinnati Football Coach is at it Again

That Brian Kelly is Something Else

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 27 Illinois at Cincinnati Photo by Brad Schloss/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

I got my first big contract

Left the Bearcats high and dry

Couldn’t stay for the bowl game

In the winter of 2009

Yes, Brian Kelly is at it again. He appears ready to leave another team high and dry as they seek out a shot at a national championship. This time it clearly isn’t as dire a situation as his current team needs some help to get in anyway. But this instability in their program will do nothing to help their case. Nevertheless, this apparent move by Kelly is cut from the same cloth as his cut-and-run from Cincinnati in 2009.

Kelly is undoubtedly a great coach. But he has a track record of doing wrong by old teams on the way out, which he seems to be adding to at this very moment.

At Cincinnati, he brought instability to his 12-0 Bearcats team as they were on the cusp of the biggest game in school history. He will be doing something similar to his Notre Dame team, if all reports are true. It took Cincinnati close to a decade to fully recover from the instability he brought in the winter of ‘09. It will be interesting to see how Notre Dame responds.

Turns out, it was nothing personal, Cincinnati That’s just what the guy is like.

Cincinnati Bearcats

LSU Tigers