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Eddie Gran Off FAU Shortlist

Despite reports that Eddie Gran was going to interview for Florida Atlantic's head coaching position Gran is not a finalist for the position. This according to Bruce Feldman.

Rich Schultz

As you surely recall Gran was supposed to interview for the position tomorrow. With him out of the running at FAU that interview is almost certainly not going to happen. Unfortunately that doesn't mean we are done hearing Gran's name in association with other jobs this season.

Gran's greatest asset to any potential suitor isn't just that he has proven himself to be a competent coordinator, and he has. It is that he is ridiculously well connected in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, the deepest most condensed talent pool of young football players this country has to offer. Everyone tries to recruit there, but very few people can match Gran's connections. That makes him very attractive to any up and coming school who feels they have to recruit South Florida to win. That is a long list of schools

The reason Gran came to UC was to put a coordinator title on his CV for a potential head coaching position. I am operating on the assumption that is indeed still his ambition. Now, there is not a job out there that makes as much sense for Gran as FAU did, but that doesn't mean he is off the market for this cycle. It wouldn't be a complete shock to see Bowling Green take a run at Gran now that they have an opening. I don't think we are done hearing Gran's name this off season.