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Tar Heels To Watch: Jabari Price

The North Carolina Tar Heels have two veteran presences in their secondary, which makes you wonder why their secondary has been just above average this season. Could be that one guy likes to run his mouth without bothering to back it up, could be.

Grant Halverson

For most of these posts it has been about what a particular player brings to the table for the Tar Heels. Not so much for this Jabari Price guy.

"If we can shut down the pass game I feel like the game is going to be a runaway,"

Sure buddy, whatever you say.

"They’ve got a great passing game. Of course, their quarterback has great passing efficiency, but that doesn’t phase us," Price said. "We’re ready for the challenge. We’re going to be in their face on the 28th and we’re going to be ready to go."

Big talk for a guy whose defense can only be described as middling, particularly against the pass. You know, the one aspect of the game he is going to take away to ensure the Tar Heels runaway victory. I don't think Jabari has been paying much attention in the film room. Or that the Tar Heels get to be the first team in 2013 to face reasonably healthy Brendon Kay. But good luck to you buddy, keep running that mouth.