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TCU To Join The Big East. Yea

TCU is set to join the Big East in all sports effective July 1st. Though the Horned Frogs will not begin compition in the Big East until 2012, just in time for the shiny newly renovated Amon G. Carter stadium goes on line. As has been discussed in great depth and detail before this move makes a great deal of sense for everyone involved. The Football schools get a 9th conference member and even scheduling, the Big East adds a quality program to the Football side of the docket and access to the Dallas Fort Worth TV market for a potential Big East network and the next TV contract negotiation. TCU gets AQ status for Football, a much better TV contract than what the Mountain West had to offer, a better home for its Olympic sports, and with a more probable route to the National Championship than what could be done in the Mountain West, TCU now has a much great chance to keep Gary Patterson in the fold for the foreseeable future. Everyone wins, except DePaul. DePaul is probably out of the Big East, or rather they should be out of the Big East. maybe that's wishful thinking. In other related news, Boise State is really pissed off that they left the WAC to join the WAC. That makes me smile inside.