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The Newest Member of the Down The Drive Team

I would like to take the time to introduce Chris Bains as the newest, shiniest member of Down The Drive. As anyone who has watched a really terrible 80's movie knows, this is the time for a speech. So without further ado take it away Chris.

Thanks, Matt. Before I get started, I feel like I should get something out in the open. I am not UC graduate and actually attended the pride of Oxford, Ohio; Miami University. Yea yea, 'Cryami Foreskins', I know. Just do me a favor and hold off on the rotten tomatoes and eggs until the end of my post. I'm currently living in Chicago, Illinois since I graduated in May of 2010 but before that I had lived in Cincinnati continuously since I was 6. I've always loved the Reds, Bearcats, Cyclones, and, unfortunately, Bengals. I've since dropped the latter team after getting Brownized for the 287th time this past season. But that's a rant for another day.

Anyways, I will be taking over the daily jump off from Matt so he can focus the majority of his time on churning out those entertaining, informative articles we all like to peruse. I might even write up a few of my own. Hey, maybe that Bengals rant I was talking about? You'd like to read that, wouldn't you? Alright so I should probably wrap this up. Please feel free to send me any interesting articles you may find to my email Reader participation is always welcome. Also, follow me on twitter @cinbinbains and look for the brand new jump off on Tuesday morning!