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May 24th Jump Off

This Is SportsCenter: Joey Votto (via ESPN)

Bearcat News College Football - Monday with Mike: Top offensive trios
Cincy rolls in at #9 in the Rivals list of top offensive trios with Collaros, Pead, and Woods representing. I think every UC fan knows that this offense generally won't have problems scoring points but of the 3, Pead will have to be the cog that makes the UC offensive machine go. As Matt mentioned here, his play generally dictates how Collaros, for example, will perform (actual stat is about 3/4 of the way down the post). Also, creating a balanced rushing and passing attack is a plus.

UC Baseball Survey
It's been a pretty good year for UC baseball and now they want your feedback. Check out the link to fill out this short survey.

Former Bearcat in Big Leagues- FOX19 News and Weather - Greater Cincinnati Area
Cool story over on Fox 19 on Tony Campana's journey to the majors. Unfortunately, he plays for the Flubs but he did tear it up in his major league debut last week against the Reds. Congrats, Tony!

Pre-Snap Read top-FBS programs in 2011 - No. 119 Akron
Matt's going to work his way through the Bearcats' victims opponents team-by-team as the Summer goes on but here's Pre-Snap Read's look at Akron. No matter what ranking you look at, Akron probably isn't going to finish higher than #100 (hell, let's be serious, they probably won't finish higher than #115). Remember, there's 120 FBS schools. So yea, UC should work them.


Adolphus Washington names final five at Columbus NFTC - ESPN
Touted Taft DE and UC hater Adolphus Washington is down to Michigan, O$U, Alabama, Miami, and Kentucky. Yes, you read that correctly- Kentucky is in his top 5.

OSU Nike Camp top performers: DL
UC DE commit Jonathan Burt from Warren Central in Indianapolis got high remarks at the event primarily from his quick feet and leverage. With his size (6'2"/250 lbs) having those tools in his arsenal makes him a valuable prospect.

Around the BEast

Many questions looming as Big East ponders expansion - NCAA Football -
It's the first day of the Big East meetings in Florida and CBS asked the 8 Big East football coaches three expansion-related question in the midst of the thousands of rumors swirling around. Here's the breakdown:

1. Should Nova come over? Split 50-50.

2a. If Nova is 10, stand pat or go for 12? 5 votes for the 12 team conference, 2 for 10.

2b. Which schools would you add? 3 votes for UCF, 2 for ECU, 2 for Houston, 1 for SMU.

3a. If Nova is a no go, should the BE stay at 9 schools? 3 votes yes, 5 no.

3b. Which school should be the 10th? 3 coaches said it didn't matter, 1 for UCF, 1 for Army.

Big East hopes for television upgrade - Sports - Charleston Daily Mail - West Virginia News and Sports -
The TV contract the Big East signs for 2013 and beyond will be critical to maintaining the stability of the conference and protecting it from raids. Overall, the conference definitely needs an upgraded contract as the one they signed 5 years ago after the ACC raid is meager compared to the other AQ conferences. From a UC standpoint, this could go a long way to financing major athletic projects around the campus (Nippert, anyone?) and adding more scholarship sports. For me, I'd selfishly like to see them add men's lax!

Big East spring meetings update - Big East Blog - ESPN
Monday's Big East spring meetings update. Marianatto speaks on expansion, the media deal, and paying athletes a little more to cover their expenses.

After Pac-12 deal, Big East puts expansion on hold - NCAA Football -
Putting both expansion and media deal talks on hold until 2012 is smart for the Big East. It's not like other AQ conferences are actively expanding so all Big East members and expansion targets are staying right where they are for the time being. On top of that, the value of college football is increasing by the day especially when ESPN, NBC/Comcast, and Turner all want in on the fun and all other AQ conferences are already locked into long-term contracts.

Around the Nation

Drake beats Mexican all-star team in first college football game in Africa - ESPN
Don't know if you heard but Drake played a Mexican all-star team CONADEIP in Africa over the weekend and won. It had been planned for months and was a very interesting story to say the least. Big props to Drake and CONADEIP for agreeing to this event but, more importantly, it shows the US's dominance over Mexico in American football. So yea. Suck it, Mexico.

NOT the End of the World As We Know It, Harold Camping in Hiding all Weekend
FYI, the rapture was on Saturday. At least it was supposed to be according to Harold Camping, the same guy who predicted it back in 1994. Dude's got to have some big cajones to really try to pull off the same prediction again after his gaff the first time. Despite all of the news coverage of this media whore, I didn't believe any of it. Know what I did on Rapture Day? Hit the batting cages, ordered a pizza, played way too much Call of Duty, and drank beer. What'd you think of that, Harry?

Joplin, Missouri, tornado: Warnings pale in season of violent twisters -
On to more serious news. Tragic story about the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri. I'm just awestruck when I see picture after picture of whole buildings flattened to the ground and miles of land covered in debris. For me, this disaster his close to home as I work with quite a few people who are in Joplin. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the residents of that city.