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10 Best Moments of the 2010 Football/Basketball Season - #8 DJ Woods' Touchdown vs. Oklahoma

As we work our way through the countdown we land at #8, DJ Woods' touchdown reception against Oklahoma last year. The play was pretty routine. Tell DJ Woods to run as fast as he can. Tell DJ Woods to look for the ball. Tell DJ Woods to catch the ball. To the latter command he had his share of issues last season as I'm sure most of you remember him fumbling the ball about five yards before running in for a touchdown and fumbling the punt later in the game. But DJ gets a bad rap for that last season. Even the Wonderman Isaiah Pead fumbled at inopportune times and Zach had his share of fumblitis in 2010. I don't mean to single those three guys out but I'm just saying. Murphy's Law was rampant last season as the price of perfection in 2009 was being paid for in 2010. We shouldn't single out one guy when fumbles and turnovers were just as associated with Cincinnati's offense last season as the word 'explosive'.

Anyways, let's get to the play that was one of the highlights of the 2010 football/basketball seasons.

DJ Woods Touchdown vs Oklahoma.wmv (via cinbinsportsfan)

I'm a huge fan of DJ Woods and this play is an example of why. Another one of his plays also showcases why I love this kid. But that's for later in the countdown (stay tuned!). As far as this play goes, it absolutely exemplifies why DJ is such a pain in the neck for defenses to cover if for no other reason than that he's incredibly fast. Like lightning! When he was coming out of high school, Rivals listed him as having a 4.35 40 time. Anything under 4.4 is great and even though those numbers can sometimes be inaccurate, based on his past three years with the Bearcats, I'm inclined to think that number is dead on accurate.

Just watch the play. Woods didn't even have to make a move or bump off of coverage to get open. He simply RAN by Tony Jefferson of the Sooners. Woods may have been a junior and Jefferson a true freshman but burning any DB regardless of experience gives you major props. Let's not forget about the guy on the other end of that play, Zach Collaros. His ability to sense the pressure is his strength as much more dangerous of a passer rolling out of the pocket (what a concept!). Coach Jones take note. In addition, he and Woods are very familiar with each other playing together for quite some time which allows the Bearcats to get such huge plays from this duo when Collaros isn't in the pocket.

On all ends this was a great play and was among a series of many plays that was included a near spectacular comeback for the Bearcats and showed us fans that maybe, just maybe, these kids in red and black could duke it out with some of the powerhouse programs in the country. Check back later this weekend for #7 on this list, which I'm sure another Big East program won't be too happy to read.

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