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Cincinnati Bearcats Sweep Big East Player of the Week Honors

Maalik Bomar, Munchie Legaux and Pat O'Donnell sweept the weekly Big East awards in recognition of their fine work against Virginia Tech.

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I haven't seen this happen in a while, but Munchie Legaux, Malik Bomar and Pat O'Donnell all won the Big East POW, for offense, defense and special teams respectively. I am nearly positive that this has never happened for Cincinnati players since moving to the Big East.

All three of them deserve to be recognized for their performances. I have already dropped close to 800 words on Munchie for his performance. And more is still to come. But lets talk about Bomar and O'Donnell, both of whom were spectacular against the Hokies.

Maalik was all over the field, dropping deep into coverage, attacking the run, and generally playing the game as a good linebacker should, cleaning up anything that came his way. I knew he played well, but the box score was shocking. 16 tackles with a pass broken up. Some context; 25 per cent of all Virginia Tech plays ended in a Bomar tackle.

As for O'Donnell Saturday was a return to form. O'Donnell hadn't exactly struggled in the punting game, but he wasn't his usual excellent self. Against Virginia Tech O'Donnell almost threw out the punting equivalent of a perfect game.* He didn't quite get there, but his 44.6 yards per punt (44 net) avergage with four punts downed inside the 20 is excellent.

*No touchbacks, no returns

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