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Quotedown | Cincinnati Bearcats Vs. Virginia Tech

perusing the transcript from Saturday nights win over the Virginia Tech Hokies

Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Scoring the press conference transcripts for nuggets of information, so you don't have to.

10) Butch Jones on the fake field goal call in the first half.

"Couple things - the hash that we were on, the distance. We had prepared for it all week long and we thought that we had it."

I liked the call, and said so on twitter and in the gamethread. The Bearcats were playing with house money off the Hokies turnover. Having Kay in there sort of gave up the game a bit, but liked it otherwise. Also Silverberry Mouhon is a frickin athlete. Connor Barwin 2.0

9) Butch Jones on Drew Frey Injury

"He wouldn't have gone back in. But I'll know more about him...I want to say it's his leg but I'll know more. Everything happened all at once. We'll catch our breath and go back and reevaluate everything. That's the other thing, you're playing at the end of the game, you have both your backup safeties in. [Punt returner] Anthony McClung was sick, [defensive lineman] Brandon Mills was sick. I mean these kids were just resilient."

I thought the team handled the loss of Frey really, really well. The entire defense was banged up by the end of the game, everyone missed some snaps.

8) Kenbrell Thompkins on his big night

"I just knew that we were going to face man coverage. All week in practice coach [Jones] said, "Win the one-on-one matchups and we'll win the ball game." So, I just went out there and played football. I wasn't really worrying about the crowd or anything like that, I just went out there and did my job."

Antone Exum will have nightmares for days, if not weeks, about KT.

7) Virginia Tech WR/Adonis Marcus Davis

"You never really think of things like that, you always see it on tv or you see it in movies, or something like that and you just don't want to be that team. The feeling inside of you is unreal but it happens. We give credit to them [Cincinnati]."

6) Malik Bomar on the young guys on the travel roster.

"We all act a little crazy. I thought it was a beautiful sight to see the young guys know what it really means to put out the hard work and grind, and what it takes to win. You know, winning is not easy. It comes down to four plays and you never know when those four plays may occur. Each play could be your last so you go hard. And the looks that I saw on the young guys faces... They came up to all the older guys and shook their hands, gave hugs and smiles, and they said thanks for teaching us the way. Literally work for it, that's what they said. That means a lot - that goes far as well.

This quote is one that I love because it highlights how Butch builds leadership in this program, from the ground up. The players correct behavior thats out of line as much, if not more so, than the coaches.

5) Virginia Tech QB Coach Mike O'Cain on the TD pass

"We called that play earlier and it was the series before or the series before that where Logan threw the ball to the tight end in the flat near our sidelines. We brought Logan back and the linebacker kind of got caught under the crossing route which is what we ran the first time. I told him if you could hold it a little bit longer, I think you had [split end] Corey [Fuller] coming in the crossing route. Fortunately, he didn't have to hold it longer. They opened up pretty quickly as they were getting the ball to him pretty quickly. It was something we felt like coming into the game. They played some man coverage and like to press our receivers outside, if you all were paying attention. They were up in our face all night long. It felt like we had to get some things across the field and tried a couple of other times. I think we threw in the first half, where the ball hit Corey in the chest and as he hit the ground the ball came out, I guess. Again, we had the ball enough to make things happen."

That was the first true and proper coverage bust of the year. And it came at the worst possible moment. Not entirely sure what that means going forward.

4) VA Tech linebacker Jack Tyler on the secondary.

"It was just one of those things where we didn't make enough big plays. They made a couple of big plays towards the end. We just didn't have what it took. That last play, he made a heck of a catch. Obviously you would like to have somebody there contesting it. Our secondary is good. We just had a few letdowns. We're young back there and switched a few things up, but some of the things we tried to eliminate we just didn't get done."

Yesterday gave us all an indication of why VA Tech fans are scared to death of their secondary.

3) Tech DB Kyle Fuller on the last play

"I just made a big mistake and let the receiver get behind me. We knew coming in that he was a good receiver."

Yup, and Fuller is by far the Hokies best cover man. Damon Julian got right on top of him, instantly, and that was that.

2) Butch Jones on getting his Isaiah Pead on and going into the stands

"The people, the fans that made our trip and our band, that's something that's special to our football family. They are part of our football family. We win together and we lose together. We're all in this together - our administration, our fans, everyone, the city of Cincinnati. I thought we had great representation today. That's the thing that you think about when you make the decision on which field to defend. We wanted to make sure in the fourth quarter that we were going towards our fans. They were outstanding."

He dances too. Sorta.

1) Munchie Legaux on poise

"Coach told me this week to be excited more. He told me when things go bad I have the same calm face as when things go good. I try to just be cool, calm, and collected. I don't want to get too excited and I don't want to get too down. I just try to keep a level head. Throughout the game I kept keeping my teammates up. I kept telling those guys it's okay, just put a smile on your face, no matter what. Win or loss, just put a smile on your face. We're gonna have adversity, we're gonna be down. Coming into this game, we knew that we were going to have to handle adversity against a big team like this."

And handle it they did.

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