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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 16th


Athlon has gone ahead and ranked the Big East QB's for 2012 and in a bit of a surprise (to me) they have Teddy Bridgewater on top. To my mind B.J. Daniels is the best quarterback in the BIg East. He finally made the big leap in consistency that all Bulls fans have been waiting forever for. Daniels could wind up falling off a cliff again as he did in 2010 after having (statistically) his beset season in 2009. But I doubt it.

Picking Teddy Bridgewater as the best QB in the conference assumes a leap in productivity that I am not sure is going to come this year, though it is almost certain to come at some point. While he got better as the season wore on, there was little improvement in terms of his consistency. That doesn't usually bode well for predicting big jumps.

For what its worth Munchie Legaux is 5th. Based on the available information I see the point. But I think that Munchie is going to shock some people this year.

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