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Bearcat Bits for May 2nd


The Sporting News and former Enquirer All Star Mike DeCourcy went about ranking the best shooting guards in the country for next season. Sean Kilpatrick winds up 6th and is the only Big East guy on the list. It makes sense Kilpatrick was the most consistent Bearcat on the offensive end last season. DeCourcy's point about Kila fading into the background of the offense is well taken, but that was more a product of Dion Dixon occasionally being a ball stopper than SK shrinking from the offense. With an off season to continue getting comfortable with the four guard offense and it's inherent rhythms I expect a big year from Kila next year. He is a match up nightmare as a 6'4" shooting guard and will be put in a position to repeatedly exploit his advantages.

Andrea Adelson is doing her ultimate Big East road trip and the choice for week two is easy, Pitt coming to the Nip for what is going to be the last match up for quite a while. I don't have particularly fond memories of Pitt's last September adventure in Nippert, or their last game at Nippert. That being said I don't anticipate a repeat of those catastrophes. Pitt will still be breaking in a new system/coaching staff. UC will be breaking in, essentially, a new team. UC can get off to a great start in the quest for Big East title number 4 with a win. Its a big game with season long implications. No wonder it is the best game of the year.

Video(s) of Interest

Sean Kilpatrick 2012 Mixtape (via bigfatnick5)

Et Cetera

Jessica Molyet was named Big East field athlete of the week...UC is now down a lacrosse coach...never too soon for a preview of the Toldeo Rockets...Rutgers unveils new uniforms and they are a definite improvement over the old ones...Boston College released RB Montel Harris for the ubiquitous "violation of team rules." Was always a fan of his game...The USA Basketball roster is in flux with the rash of injuries this post season, particularly among bigs. Clearly Kenyon Martin time...

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