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Georgia Defensive Back Demetrius Monday Commits To Cincinnati

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After taking a break from the state of Georgia in the class of 2012 the Bearcats are going hard at in the Peach State this year. Eason Fromayan was the first GA player in the class. Monday became the second when he committed on, well Monday night.

The question with Monday is where does he play for UC? I feel fairly confident that he will be used on the defensive side of the ball. That seems to be where his skill set is pointing. But there is the question of corner back or safety? It would be easier to judge if I had any idea how big he actually is. Half the scouting sites list him at 5'11" 165 the others at 5'11" 185. I tend to think the latter figure is nearer the mark for Monday. If he actually weighs 165 pounds he is the biggest 165 pound kid ever. While Monday seems to have his heart set on being a corner at the college level I think his best position down the line might be free safety.

One of the things that is apparent about John Jancek and the way he constructs his defense is that speed isn't just the first thing, its the only thing. In general that means taking corners and turning them into Safeties (Adrian Witty), safeties sized guys into linebackers ( Nick Temple, Maalik Bomar) and linebackers into defensive linemen (Walter Stewart*). The other factor to keep in mind is that while Monday is surely going to start out at corner he could be the heir apparent to Chris Williams as the Nickle Back with the Bearcats. Regardless good get for Butch Jones and co. The class of 2013 now numbers 10 and is at least half way full, if not more. Basic info and Highlights after the jump.

* An admittedly flawed example because while Walt played Linebacker he never was a Linebacker

Name Demetrius Monday Rivals *** 5.6
Position Defensive Back 24/7 87 ***
State Georgia Scout **
Hometown Mableton ESPN 67 **

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