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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 77 Adam Hoppel


Defensive Line | Letters 2006-08

For two years Adam Hoppel played alongside Terrill Byrd. Together they formed arguably the best DT duo in Bearcats history. Byrd got all the publicity and attention and the hype, and he made the most noise off the field as well. But Byrd could not have done what he did without Hoppel next to him occupying blocks.

Defensive Tackle is the toughest position to field for College Football teams. Its the hardest position to recruit and the spot where a lack of ability is most easily exploited. The Bearcats of 2007 and particularly 2008 were built on defense as much as offense and Hoppel's pairing with Byrd was a big reason for that.

Games Starts Tackles TFL Sacks
39 29 81 13 7.5

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