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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 31 Tim Murphy


Head Coach | 1989-1993

How much would you pay for some stability in your Football program. Its a question that is asked often by Athletic Directors and fans throughout the country and it was one that was certainly on the mind of Bearcats fans in the 80's. Murphy became the 5th head coach of the decade when he took over the program for the 1989 season to conclude what is essentially the lost decade of the Bearcats Football. UC had just two winning seasons under Mike Gotfried to start the decade before bottoming out with Dave Currey.

When Murphy took over the program was reeling from Currey and was playing in a Nippert Stadium that had recently been condemned. With no interest from the locals, little support from the administration and almost nothing in the way of infrastructure. Why he took the job is something I don't know, but that he took the job is a milestone for the program. He gave the Bearcats stability after a decade of turmoil and began to lay the foundation for the program today. The first guy in a long time who left the Bearcats program in better condition than when he found it.

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