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Cincinnati Bearcats Game At Houston Moved, 11 Days Before Kickoff

Seems a bit late to shift things around no?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston release.

Houston’s Nov. 23 game vs. Cincinnati has been moved from Rice Stadium to BBVA Compass Stadium, the Houston Athletics Department announced Tuesday. Kickoff for the game has been set for 11 a.m. by The American Athletic Conference and the ESPN family of networks. ESPN network designation will be announced following Houston’s game Saturday at Louisville.

Houston is living a nomadic lifestyle this year. With Robertson Stadium, their home for the last 14 years, leveled to make way for a brand new state of the art stadium on the footprint the Cougars have been playing games all over town. Five games at Reliant Stadium, one game at BBVA Compas Stadium, and one game at Rice, their eternal cross city rivals. That was the original plan.

The new plan is five at Reliant and two at BBVA. Houston is trying to say this has been the plan all the way.

"When they were given the choice, our football student-athletes voted to have the game moved to BBVA Compass Stadium," said Houston’s Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, Mack Rhoades. "They enjoyed playing there earlier this year and the familiarity with the stadium determined the vote by our players. Likewise facility operational issues and the ability to brand the field were other important factors considered.

The key phrase there is when given the choice. Rumors abound about Rice officials using the scheduled game as a chance to mess with Houston. Among their requests was that there be no tailgating (unfortunate, but no big deal) and that both teams share a locker room (huh?). The sharing the locker rooms is why Houston officials began looking for exit strategies. So BBVA Compas Stadium it is then.

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