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Bearcat Links Of The Day; Basketball Is Back

It doesn't seem all that long ago that the Bearcats suffered a disheartening loss in the NCAA tournament against Creighton. But it was almost 7 months ago, and tonight the Bearcats have a chance to put win number 1 of the 2013-14 season in the books.

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Basketball Is Back

UC shrugs off scant national attention, gears up ||

"I can’t even sleep," Jackson said. "I’m too excited for it. We’ve got a good team. We’ve got chemistry. Everyone is on the same page. It’s going to be a great year for us. We’re definitely more athletic and more talented on offense and we’re playing the way Coach wanted to play last year. We really wanted to play fast and we really couldn’t do that with Cash (Wright) and his knees. But now we’ve got young guys with young legs and everyone is really healthy right now. We can play our system of basketball."

Is that the first time someone with the UC program has brought up Cash's knee issues preventing the Bearcats from running. Its the first I have seen it in print. Regardless of that, there is some truth in the statement.

UC Bearcats basketball preview ||

Some more naked page view goosing from the Enquirer. Nothing but the finest for your subscription fees.

Crosstown Classic tickets go on sale Saturday || UC Athletics Blog
I know what you should be doing before kickoff, other than tailgating of course.


UC Bearcats prepare for SMU passing attack ||

"They like throwing the football more than anybody in the country," UC coach Tommy Tuberville said. "They’re playing well. They’ve had a very tough schedule to this point."

55.4 pass attempts per game, only Air Raid classic teams Texas Tech and Washington State are throwing more times per game. SMU is going to put up some yards, the question is if UC will be able to force Garrett Gilbert into enough mistakes, be they missed throws or outright turnovers to get stops. The UC offense should be able to score on SMU, its a matter of stops.

Student Ticket Bonus Announced for SMU/Louisville Games ||
now, if only they could bribe the students to stay for the entire game, regardless of score. That would be something.

Videos of Interest


Stanford, beacon of higher education...weird and freakish asteroid's are the best asteroid's...Super Typhoon's are terrifying things and one made landfall in the Philippines...Rob Ford is a terrible house guest...the Cookie Monster has problems

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