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Can the Bearcats still get the AAC's BCS bid?

UC is going to need some help if they want to head back to the BCS.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost, the Bearcats have to win out. No tie-breaker or BCS ranking would matter if they don't win against SMU, Rutgers, Houston and Louisville. The unfortunate part of the whole schedule this year is obviously that UCF isn't on it. The Knights are firmly in control of their own destiny. The other team in the same situation is Houston. Those two play each other on Saturday night. If Houston beats UCF, it will open up Pandora's box of AAC champion scenarios although even at that point, the Bearcats would still need some help. With UC being so low currently in the BCS standings, there probably is no way they'd win a tie-breaker on highest BCS ranking. They need UCF to lose twice. After Houston, the Knights remaining games are @Temple, Rutgers, USF and then @SMU. I definitely don't see two losses in there. I could however see them slip up and lose to one of those teams. Therefore, it all comes back to Houston being the key. Here is  the AAC's tie breaking procedures:

As you can see, after a 2 team tie it gets incredibly convoluted. Translated it all basically means that UC needs to win out and have UCF lose twice. That would be the easiest and least confusing way that the Bearcats can make their triumphant return to BCS glory. Luckily there wouldn't be Tim Tebow or an Urban Meyer coaching his "last game" because of "health issues" waiting for them this time.

Go Bearcats. Go Cougars.

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