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Crosstown Shootout

Screw the official title, its stupid and we all know it.

Jamie Sabau

So, here we are once again. Both teams are in more or less the same spots they were a season ago. This Xavier team is a far cry from the one that tormented the Bearcats in the early years of the Chris Mack era. They have talent, sure Semaj Christon is a sure fire NBA draft pick, Brandon Randolph is the next really good Xavier PG. But the output is less than the sum of their parts.

Must Reads

The winless trip to Atlantis could be understood, that has become arguably the toughest early season tournament going. But since coming back to the mainland they have struggled to put away Bowling Green and Evansville in closer than expected home contests. Xavier won't make it easy on the Bearcats like they did a year ago, and anything can happen in a rivalry game. But this is one the Bearcats should win.