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2013 Belk Bowl Time Television, Radio and Streaming Information

All the places you can catch tomorrows hot, hot Belk Bowl action.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Kickoff: At precisely 3:20ish in the afternoon

Television: ESPN

Announcing Crew: Carter Blackburn, Danny Kanell and Allison Williams

Radio: 700 WLW

Announcing Crew: Dan Hoard, Jim Kelly Jr. and Tom Gelehrter

Streaming: ESPN3 / Watch ESPN App

Of course this will be the second time that Blackburn, Kanell and Williams will be covering a Cincinnati game. They took the Temple contest early in the year. I must admit to Blackburn being a bit on the grating side, OK, entirely on the grating side of the coin. That being said Kanell and Blackburn do seem to work together to form a decent viewing experience.

Always remember that it could be worse, it could be Mike Patrick.