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Cincinnati Bearcats Opener Against Purdue Possibly On The Move

The possibility is being explored for the Bearcats to move the date of the Bearcats home opener against Purdue to Sunday, September 1st.


This rumor coming courtesy of Chris Emma, the publisher of Boiler Sports Report.

"TV Networks" is just another euphemism for ESPN. It being a home game for UC the rights fall to ESPN to pick up the game or not. Contrary to what Emma is saying I don't think Nippert hosting the Crosstown Showdown has much to do with UC officials wanting to play the game late on Saturday. The Pike vs. Moeller game would probably be done at 11 at the latest, which would leave more than 12 hours for turnaround, perfectly doable, even if it means two brutal days for the vendors and staff.

UC always wants to play night games, it has something to do with the attendance (always higher than noon or mid afternoon kicks) and something to do with winning. Since the start of the 2007 season the Bearcats are 18-3 in games that start at 7 PM or later, which almost certainly has something to do with it. That being said if ESPN promises a national TV audience Whit and Coach Tubs would play whenever they would play whenever ESPN wanted.