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Nippert Stadium Renovation Gallery - October Update

So last weekend in Columbus was a bust, but hey, steel fencing!

While Tuberville has to get the team back on track for the Memphis game down at Paul Brown Stadium this weekend, things are moving along nicely at Nippert. The past month has seen construction on the press/premium seating structure move up to the club level, where currently all the A-frames are in place and crews should soon be working on the cement for what will become the floor of the open-air terrace over the student section.

Progress is a bit slower than expected on the stadium's east side. Protective fencing, which contains the east grandstand and concourse along with a large portion of Sheakley Plaza, went up later than originally planned and has now been in place for about a week. With the concourse blocked off, students are now routed up the stairs next to Lindner Center to get through. So far the only construction here is the removal of some lightposts.

In case you missed it, here's UC's last video update on construction. Even in the two weeks since this was released, crews have made good progress and it looks like everything's on schedule for the pressbox's topping out ceremony in early December.